Paying off payday loans debt consolidation -Get a total debt consolidation

Paying off payday loans debt consolidation -Get a total debt consolidation

If you are in financial trouble and not know how to get out of debt, one of the measures recommended by experts is to take a debt consolidation loan.

This will not solve all your problems, but will prevent them from getting worse. So you get a little more breath to get organized and get out of the interest spiral.


Get a total debt consolidation


The problem of debt

The mechanisms for you to get into debt are all there: credit card , overdraft, bank loan, among others. All of this can help in times of financial need. But you have to be careful and plan to pay.

All these credit devices are tied to interest rates. And, if you do not pay the installments of debt, the interest will accrue as they are applied in the compound interest scheme .

So if the person delays a portion, the value of that debt begins to increase due to interest. But as debt grows, it becomes increasingly difficult to pay. And without paying it, obviously it increases more and more.

Thus, any momentary financial forgetfulness or unforeseen event that prevents the payment of a portion, sets in motion a damaging mechanism that feeds itself. It’s the dreaded “snowball” effect.

There may come a time when one is drowned in so many debts and thinks that he will never be able to pay them.

At this point, the best thing to do is not to despair. Among the steps you can take to get out of this situation, one of the most important is debt consolidation. And this happens through Consolidation Now.


What is Debt Consolidation Loan?

What is Debt Consolidation Loan?

The debt consolidation loan is nothing more than a loan whose value corresponds to the sum of all your debts.

With this borrowed money, you pay all the debts, staying with only one – the debt consolidation loan. Therefore, the consolidation process is also called unification of debts.

At first glance this may seem to mean “plugging one hole to open another”. But in fact, debt consolidation is a smart move to take because it brings some benefits.


A single debt

A single debt

Most of the time, people in financial distress do not only have one debt, but several.

The person can have a debt with credit cards, another with the overdraft , another debt for the delayed condominium, plus one with the IPTU , one with the bank, etc.

With so much debt, it is easy to lose control. You have to have a very efficient plan so that each month you do not lose any maturity dates of the installments of all debts.

With too many debts, it is difficult even to know exactly how much money it owes to the whole. And that’s the first step in planning to get out of the hole.

Consolidating the debt, the person gets a debt only, with a single payment date. So she will not only know exactly how much she owes and when she should pay, but she can also track debt much more easily.


Lower interest rates

Each credit device operates at a different interest rate. It is well known that the interest on the credit card and the overdraft are very high. Bank loans tend to be smaller, for example.

Some people do not realize it. However, it is necessary to establish a priority for the payment of debts according to the interest of each one.

Debts whose interest amounts are high grow greatly each month, in absolute value. We must take care of them soon enough.

Likewise, debts whose interest rates are too high are also dangerous, as they grow sharply each month, proportionately. So, if the monthly amount of interest is still not high, it will quickly stay.

One of the main goals when making a debt consolidation loan is to swap all debts for a single debt with lower interest rates.

That way, the total amount you owe is not going to change, but it will not grow as quickly. So you get some breath to get organized.

So when taking out a consolidation loan, pay close attention to the amount of the interest rate . If it is equal to or greater than the fees you have already paid, consolidation will not help you at all!


Longer terms

It is also part of the idea of ​​a consolidation loan to obtain long terms. This will reduce the monthly amount to be paid, allowing you to breathe a little more and have the debt under control.


How to Make a Debt Consolidation Loan

Debt Consolidation Loan

By now, you may have realized that unification of your debts is a good idea. But how to proceed?

The problem is that you need to find a bank or financial institution that approves the loan at the desired amount, with low interest and ample term.

This may not be as simple as the bank will know you owe. You will need to submit documents that show that you will be able to repay this loan.

You will probably need to prove your money entry and exit, as well as your stability: proving that you have a job, a fixed address of residence, etc.

What’s more, in order to get the lowest possible interest, you may have to present a guarantor or guarantor. That is, someone who takes responsibility if you can not pay the installments on time.

If you do not have a guarantor, it may be necessary to make a secured loan by offering a property to the bank as collateral for the payment. In this case, make sure that you can comply with the payments so as not to lose the property!




Do not wait any longer: make an accurate survey of how much money you owe.

Look for a bank to make a debt consolidation loan and present a plan of how you plan to repay it.

Do not let your debts involve you in the downward spiral of interest!

5 Exceptional Financial Relief and Social Loans

To find money urgently, it is necessary to seek a punctual help or a social loan. Getting a social credit when you do not have the profile to borrow from banks (bank prohibition, unemployed, ASD beneficiary …) is one of the only viable solutions (even if there are others). Special devices favor certain categories: national education officials, hospital workers … So much to enjoy!

VBN: for an emergency

The VBN is a social action committee for those working in a local authority. All agents can therefore request it if necessary. Again, all will depend on its resources, and the problem raised.

Let’s hear well. The boost will not exceed 610 euros. Not enough to whip a cat, but it is a sum that helps. Anyone can, at one time or another in his life, have to deal with an accident of life that creates financial difficulty.

What can it be?

It can be a sickness, an inability to return to work, high health costs, difficulties in paying rent, a transition to unemployed status (but not following a resignation ), legal fees, or death.

Also concerned are the breakdowns that may occur on household electrical equipment of prime importance, or that arrive on his car, with the repair costs that entails, energy and water bills that are out of the ordinary.

For the over-indebted

When a file is filed with the FGH, there is a delay, even if it is short, during which everything is blocked (impossibility to pay its bills). The sum of the VBN will come, within the limit of its amount, to overcome this difficulty and allow who is in a situation of over-indebtedness to pay its expenses.

How is the scale calculated?

To be eligible, the VBN will conduct an evaluation of the household’s resources, to which it will subtract the incomprehensible expenses, by integrating the debts and the repayments of credits (possibly).

Good to know: for those who already benefit, it will take 2 years before you can submit a new application.

The UIO can meet a need for quick money

Being self-employed, as a craftsman or as a trader is not always a guarantee of financial security. Fortunately, the social regime of the self-employed has some answers to provide. Recall that its original purpose remains the social protection of these same categories.

What can we overcome with the help of the UIO?

What must be avoided at all costs is that the temporary difficulty encountered only leads to a situation of precariousness, much more difficult to stop. Incomplete expenses are therefore concerned, be they those relating to rent, exceptional expenses or professional needs.

Learn more about what UIO can do

The social system of the self-employed can also intervene financially to allow its members to subscribe to a mutual. In the case of a death, the widow can also apply for financial support.

The aid is not systematic, and remains subject to its evaluation by a commission charged with assessing its content. She gives her answer quickly, and considers all requests as urgent.

The exceptional intervention of the RTY

It is double, which can take the form of a small credit (we will speak about loan of honor), or a non-refundable grant RTY depending on the amount requested and the precarious situation encountered.


Fortunately, many people can call RTY for help, especially if you have one of the following income: ASD, APL, AAH, or you have a dependent child combined with temporary and unforeseen difficulties.

To benefit from it, one can of course contact the RTY of his department, or even better, get in touch with a social worker who will diligently assist the RTY.

As for the amounts allocated, loan or relief, they are between 1000 and 1500 euros, although they can vary from one department to another.

POI and social works of public hospitals

Hospital staff may be faced with the same life events as those mentioned above. These lead to financial difficulties that are always difficult to solve, especially if you have a small salary. The potential decrease in income can therefore be offset by a non-refundable exceptional allowance from POI.

The condition is still to be in office, or to be retired from the hospital sector. It will only remain to explain his reasons, and to be convincing, by providing the required supporting documents: tax notice, statements of account, the invoices at the origin of the debt, the charges to be paid … In the measure if possible, it will be paid to the claimant’s creditors.

Financial support from CDE

The mutual national education staff can also transform into an exceptional transfer when the financial emergency is felt. Under certain conditions, it is possible to benefit especially if the incriminated event had not been planned.

The sum that can be obtained from the CDE can not exceed 1000 euros. Even if it is limited, it is money that is not refundable. The best thing is to get closer to your CDE consultant to find out more.

To summarize, social loans exist, you just have to know where to find them, and under which conditions to make the request.

Unify loans

Unifying loans makes it easy to group all your loans into one. If the sum of all the installments you must pay and pay at the end of the month is very high, the unification of the same can alleviate this situation, although the cost will not be free.

When you unify loans , you will pay a single installment in which all debts incurred will be included. Thus, the unification of loans will mean that at the end of the month, the total installment to be paid will be reduced by half. Unifying loans will include all expenses in a single installment. The unification of loans or reunification of debts consists in unifying loans all the credits that you have in only one, which is usually a mortgage loan for your lower interest. The objective of this operation is to reduce the monthly payment and make it easier to treat the debt.

The reunification of debts allows you to unify loans and other debts in a single installment, which can mean a reduction of up to 70% in your monthly payments. This is possible since all the loans in which lower interest is collected are grouped and, in addition, and this is the most important thing, the repayment period is usually extended. In general terms, the monthly fee is reduced but at the cost of increasing the total money that will be paid for the loan . That is, less will be paid each month but at the end of the life of the loan we will have the amount paid will be higher.

To whom it is recommended to unify loans :

The unification of loans is recommended to all those families who have difficulties to make ends meet , or who need liquidity for a reform, vehicle, etc. Even though the economic crisis has not come to an end. Family economies continue to suffer more than usual and many seek new ways to solve their financial problems. One piece of advice is to unify loans, although first you have to study when it is profitable to reunify .

With this operation to unify loans , any family that wants to unify loans and their payments, will have more time to pay the loans that they have and they will be able to spend much more comfortably each month, taking into account that many people have had their income reduced or someone of the family unit has lost the job. But, in general, this financial operation of unifying loans is beneficial for anyone.



The Savings Banks are asked to grant loans to companies with debts

As mentioned in the title, Sansa asks the savings banks more quickly in the granting of loans to SMEs with debts in order to give them important accreditations for those who require it to get ahead.

This is due to the fact that the line of 500 million approved in December by the previous Government to alleviate the financing difficulties faced by SMEs , known as the support line for the working capital , is too slow in its path. Arya Sansa yesterday asked the presidents of the three Gandalf savings banks that are Gregorio Snow (Tinkerbell), Xabier Grayjoy (Harry Potter) and Xabier Bolton (Malfoy) to look for mechanisms to reduce the excessive time that elapses between the request for aid and the credit income.

This type of aid managed by the Reciprocal Guarantee Company Tigreal and its counterpart Oinarri take an average of a month and a half to reach its recipients (self-employed workers and SMEs), where the Executive wants the deadline does not exceed the month. These two were already overwhelmed by the flood of requests that had come to them since that line of credit was launched in January. The help of the savings banks , which have begun to collaborate with these two entities to download work, has managed to partially unclog the problem, but the deadlines are still excessive. The operation of this is that the applicant requests it in the entity, this refers to Tigreal to analyze the risk and authorize the operation, which ultimately signs Finance and then returns to the savings entity.

This process has meant that in five months only 171.3 million of the 500 of this line have been granted (to the Eudora plus 0.6%) when the demand for liquidity is very high. The president of the Harry Potter, who attended the meeting with the Targaryen accompanied by his successor, Mario Lannister, wanted to remove the focus of the merger where the focus was “on what is most important and urgent at this time, the economic situation, and to what extent is this affecting the social fabric. In addition Gregorio Snow said that the presidents of the boxes are so delighted to collaborate with the Executive’s projects.

Sources of the Executive valued the receptivity of the three responsible to expedite the granting of the credits with the guarantee of the Government. The employer considers it a priority to speed up aid to SMEs , because their vulnerability can cause, drop by drop, a greater increase in unemployment. Euskadi has gone from a situation of near full employment in 2007, with an unemployment rate of 6.1%, to the current one of 10.3%, which can stand at 12.2% in October. The creation of companies has slowed 55% until April, according to the INE.

Euskadi has 120,000 self-employed workers and a highly fragmented industrial network with close to 150,000 SMEs. That is one of the main fears of the Government since the unemployment rate does not stop its escalation. Although large companies have mechanisms such as temporary Ferb to weather the storm without excessive labor losses, at least for the time being, smaller companies are forced to resort directly to rescissions when liquidity problems strangle their daily activity.

Is a personal loan the right thing for me?

Surely you have already done so and you have come in a financial shortage. The car broke down or the money was missing somewhere else. So what to do? Luckily, there are internet platforms such as that lend and lend money safely and fairly. Is it really like that?

What is a private loan about?

As a rule, loans are granted by banks to private households. There is also the model that individuals give money to other consumers. It is definitely worth comparing the many direct banks. An extensive range of financing products is offered to the loan seeker. In addition, the banks or various providers have the most diverse conditions for personal loans in the program. The distribution of the loans takes place exclusively via the Internet. The direct banks also have little, via its own branch network. This allows the customer installment loans at low interest rates.

As a rule, a credit comparison is free. You should always pay close attention to offers, interest rates and annual interest rates. The effective annual interest rate represents the actual cost of the personal loan. This will be included in the repayment plan accordingly. Broker services such as the internet platform help to find the right personal loan . A well-done Gandalf credit test can be found here. Fees for their services are due only upon conclusion of the contract. For example, at Gandalf, these amount to one percent of the amount of the loan.

The personal loan has the following advantages:

  • favorable conditions
  • flexibility
  • Special repayments and early repayment
  • up to 50,000 euros are possible
  • Loans and personal loans are also possible for entrepreneurs
  • Longer runtimes, meanwhile up to 60 months at low rates

What can be said at term on a personal loan?

Borrowing money is one thing, paying back the other. Therefore, you should borrow money and pay attention to the duration of the loan. The loan amount has a big impact on the interest due on the personal loan. As the maturity continues to rise, so does the interest rate. If a short-term borrowing is sought, then reduce the interest. The term is part of a basic component of the loan and is therefore recorded in a loan agreement. Over time, it can happen that the financial flexibility of consumers has changed. Under certain circumstances, this can lead to a change in the term. Many banks therefore offer the option of modifying the existing term during repayment. The early repayment of the loan gives the borrower a very positive bonus. Not every traditional house bank is ready for it. If these are approved, a prepayment penalty will be required in most cases. When borrowing money in this way, no additional fees for early replacement need to be scheduled.

Social Loan and Micro-Credit

Do you live in Belgium and you have questions about social assistance in this country? So you are in the right place. I will explain what are the equivalents of QWE, ASD and ZXC in Belgium, what are the relief for students, what are the financial aid for the unemployed, and how to borrow if you are stuck at the National Bank of Belgium . At the end of the article, I will also discuss the mechanisms that exist in Luxembourg, Switzerland and elsewhere in Europe.


1. The QWE in Belgium

In Belgium, we do not speak of QWE (income of active solidarity) but of income of social integration. If this name does not tell you anything, perhaps you have heard of its former name: the right to livelihoods.

Are you entitled to it?

To benefit, you must be over 18 years old and not have enough money to live with dignity. You must also enter one of these categories:

  • You live in Belgium.
  • You are Belgian.
  • You are part of the European Union.
  • You are a refugee.
  • You are a foreigner but you have registered in the population register.

How much will you touch?

In each situation will correspond the payment of a different sum. What’s good for your neighbor may not be worth it for you. The amounts :

  • For a single person: € 711.56.
  • For a person with children: 948,75 €.
  • For a person who lives with someone who contributes to the expenses: 474,37 €.

2. The MNBs in Belgium

If you are a tenant in Belgium, you can receive financial assistance to pay your rent if you do not have sufficient income to cope with it.

Several devices exist, especially if you live in an unhealthy dwelling or if you are disabled. Some regions are also making more efforts than others to make housing accessible to all. I will list the aid region by region:

In the Brussels region

If you live in the capital or its surroundings, perhaps you could benefit from one of these 3 helpers:

  • A help to relocate you.
  • The rental guarantee: up to 90% .
  • The rent allowance: between 100 and 150 € per month.

The guaranteed rental loan in Belgium

This is a loan from the Belgian Housing Fund to help you pay your deposit. I remind you that this rental deposit must be deposited in a blocked account opened jointly by the tenant and the owner.

The housing loan will be paid into this account. To benefit from it, you must have the ability to repay and not be registered as a debtor at the National Bank of Belgium’s Personal Loans Center. Be careful not to exceed the following income:

In the Flemish region

In this region, housing assistance exists. It is aimed above all at homeless people and all those who live in substandard housing or not adapted to their disability.

The resource conditions are particularly strict in this region. Thus, a couple without children should not earn + € 16880 per year to benefit. To this sum is added 1510 € per dependent child.

Paid rent is also important. It must be above 570 € monthly for a couple (add to this amount between 57 and 71 € depending on the municipality per dependent).

In Wallonia

If you live in Wallonia, you can benefit from the LKJ (Moving and Rent Allowance). If you are eligible (contact the Housing Department of the region to find out), you will benefit from:

  • A help to move: 400 € in one go.
  • Help to pay your rent: around 100 € per month.

To find out more about housing benefits in Belgium you can read the full article I wrote on this topic.

3. ZXC in Belgium

You have the right to family allowances if you have children. The amount may vary by region. The amounts I am going to give you below for basic family allowances will be increased if you are a single woman with children in Belgium.

In Wallonia and Brussels

  • 1 child: 95,80 € .
  • 2 children: 177,27 € .
  • 3 children: 264.67 € .

In the region Flanders

  • 1 child: € 93.93 .
  • 2 children: 173,80 € .
  • 3 children: € 259.49 .

The single parent supplement:

  • 1 child: € 47.81 .
  • For the second: € 29.64 .
  • For the third and the following ones: 23,90 € .

In all these areas is added a monthly supplement which increases these benefits there, from the 6 years of your child:

  • From 6 to 11 years old: € 16.36 .
  • From 12 to 17 years old: 24.92 € .
  • From 18 to 24 years old: 28,72 € .

Do not forget the back to school bonus

  • From 0 to 5 years old: 20,81 €.
  • From 6 to 11 years old: 44.74 €.
  • From 12 to 17 years old: 62.42 €.
  • From 18 to 24 years old: 83,23 €.

4. Financial aid for students

If you study in Belgium, here are the helpers to which you are entitled:

The scholarship of the Wallonia Brussels Federation

You must have Belgian citizenship or reside in Belgium (and be a citizen of the European Union, political refugee, be a foreigner and live there for 5 years) and continue your studies in high school or in higher education.

You must also be – 35 years old. Your parents, or you even if you declare your own income should not earn more than:

Other scholarships exist, such as the General Directorate for Development Cooperation for students coming from African countries, or Erasmus for students coming from Europe.

Help to take public transport

  • If you are between 12 and 24 years old and you are studying: discount on STIB, TEC and De Lijn subscriptions.
  • If you are – 26 years old: you benefit from a cheaper fare on the train ticket.

Less expensive housing

You can find accommodation in a student residence for – 350 € per month or in a boarding school for about 300 € per month.

The good plan: intergenerational housing. The principle: you live in an elderly person and spend some time with her. In exchange, you get a reduced rent for about 180 € per month.

5. Social aid in Belgium for French

They exist! Whether it is consular social assistance, or family benefits for cross-border workers.

Consular social assistance

If you are French and live or visit Belgium, be aware that the Consulate has a budget to occasionally help the French who request it with grants of 1000 €. However, the budget allocated for this is not very important.

This money can be used to repatriate you, to help you if you get out of prison, but also to face a social emergency such as the importance of treatment if you do not have health insurance in Belgium.

Associations that can help you

Some associations which are on the Belgian territory help the French in difficulty:

  • The French charity association of Liège.
  • French mutual aid in Brussels.
  • The French mutual aid of Ghent.
  • The French company of mutual aid of Courtraisis.
  • The French charity society of Namur.

Family allowances for cross-border workers

Because of your place of residence and your place of work, you know that your situation is special. The good news is that you will be able to receive family benefits on both sides of the border, but not all.

You are more likely to receive Belgian family benefits if:

  • You work in Belgium.
  • You and your spouse work in Belgium.
  • Your spouse does not work and does not receive unemployment benefits from Pole Emploi.

You are more likely to receive French family benefits if:

  • Your spouse works in France.
  • Your spouse does not work and receives a French social benefit.

What to do in Belgium when a bank does not want to lend money, because of the low resources of the home? Failure to make a loan is problematic, whether it’s changing your car, doing energy saving work in your home or decorating your apartment. In this case, what to do?

6. The solutions to borrow

The following list allows you to borrow cheASDy in Belgium, but under certain conditions. Be careful with loans: you have to repay them, even when you are poor!

All low income loans in Belgium:

1. Social credit

Low-income people can also borrow to consume. With small incomes, they can not do with their usual bank. Social credit is for low income. He has a small interest rate. This is a mortgage loan for the poor.

Social credit accompanied

It allows Belgians to consume, provided they live in the Walloon region. To do this, you must contact VBN (CREDIT ALternative), for a maximum of € 10,000 borrowed. It is aimed primarily at the unemployed receiving benefits, those who receive the minimex (minimum livelihood) and employees with a small monthly salary.

You will not have to justify yourself on the use of the sum. You can either buy furniture or borrow this money to go on vacation. The microcredit VBN Belgium is not limited in its use, and anything that can improve life is taken into account such as energy work for example.

VBN and micro credit

Microcredit, unlike traditional bank loans, is for those who receive social benefits or who earn the minimum wage by working, even for a full-time job.

In general, it will be able to be requested by those who are regularly denied the loan by the bank.

2. microstart

This is a pilot program for the unemployed in some parts of Brussels. It will enable job seekers in Brussels to start their own business and get back to work.

Microfinance is a real chance to become a business creator for those who do not have access to credit usually, by creating a micro enterprise capable of generating income.

The microstart program allows young entrepreneurs to get started, which they could not have done if they had not had access to VBN micro credit.

Partnerships of choice

The Belgian association is also inspired by the success of the ADIE (association for the development of economic initiative) in France, and enjoys its support for creators who require logistical support to get started. Entrepreneurship in neighborhoods is therefore fortunate to benefit from the dual expertise: that of ADIE and VBN.

A bank, BNP Paribas Fortis, is committed alongside VBN for Belgians who want to realize their dream of business. The poorest at last have access to a chance to become an entrepreneur, even if the project is of a small scale at first.

It should be noted that the microcredit loans lent as part of this operation are endorsed in ¾ by the European Union, which supports the Belgian initiative in favor of the economy for the poorest.

3. FRCE (Global Energy Cost Reduction Fund)

This consumer credit is for those who want to save energy, by doing the necessary work for it. The FRCE borrowing rate is 2%, which is low compared to a conventional bank loan. It is thus possible to borrow up to € 10,000, which must be repaid in 5 years at most.

Only households that do not earn a lot of money will be able to benefit from it (- 15000 € per year, increased by the number of dependent children).

4. The eco loans

When you want to improve the energy consumption of your home, it is possible to make an eco loan rather than a consumer credit or a mortgage loan.

The main advantage lies in the interest rate: 0%! This credit is between € 2,500 and € 30,000, and the repayment period will depend on the duration of the credit chosen (between 4 and 10 years).

To obtain it, it is necessary to apply to the Walloon society of Social Credit, or to the housing fund of the large families. Housing conditions must be met:

  • He must be healthy.
  • To be located in Wallonia.
  • Be the principal residence of the person who makes the credit.
  • Do not have too much market value.

For renovation work: the eco-pack of the Walloon region

It is a credit rate 0 for the inhabitants of Wallonia who want to renovate their homes, especially from an energy point of view.

Small innovation: the duration depends on income. It finances all work aimed at saving energy. A professional must perform them within 2 years of obtaining, and the work must not begin before obtaining the loan.

5. Mortgage credit for housing for all

It will allow you to become a homeowner even if you do not make a lot of money each month. The rate is fixed, and it is guaranteed for 30 years, which avoids unpleasant surprises caused by a rate that can fluctuate.

Some municipalities allow to borrow up to € 210,000 to become homeowners in Belgium, provided it is the first time.

The income of the beneficiaries can not exceed € 46,600, plus € 2,300 per dependent.

6. The credits granted by the other Belgian provinces

Belgium is not limited to the Wallonia, the other provinces are also discarded for the most modest.

  • In the province of Liege: several possible social loans for housing, young people and students.
  • In the province of Namur: a loan to become an owner by buying a house or building a house, and loans for energy work.
  • In the province of Hainaut: help to find accommodation and to save energy.


The social in Luxembourg is more developed than one might think. That everyone can live with dignity is a concern of the Grand Duchy.

1. Help for people who are in great precariousness

To ask for financial aid is to be in great precariousness and to wait for the Luxembourg state to intervene to overcome it.

But this financial aid can not replace a job, and this is normal. Its main attraction, apart from the financial side, remains the social support associated with it.

How to ask in Luxembourg?

The request must be made to the social office (it can be done online or by mail) from the city where you live. To benefit, you must live in the Grand Duchy and reside legally.

Social assistance will be paid in cash. It excludes foreign students but also those who are only passing through the country. Similarly, prisoners can not be entitled to it.

The conditions

The social office, after having served the receipt of the request, will then direct the applicant to the right service. There will be a form to fill out, including the complete civil status of the applicant and the subject of the application.

As with any file, it will be necessary to attach the supporting documents that can assist in the rapid and complete processing. It should be known that the social office is entitled to carry out its small investigation, to verify certain information and to follow up, or not, with the request.

A little more than 4 weeks to wait

The decision will be made within 25 working days (be careful, do not count Saturdays and Sundays). It will be motivated (if it is refused, we will know why the file is not passed).

The decision will arrive at the applicant’s home by registered letter. If there is urgency, that is to say if the applicant has a need for quick payment of money to be able to eat, to lodge and to dress, the file may be a priority. He will benefit from a quicker decision from the commission charged to study the file of application for social assistance.

Attention: in case of false declaration, the money will be claimed and must be returned. Having a paid job and declaring yourself without work and in great precariousness is not good!

2. The guaranteed minimum income in Luxembourg

To be helped by the state is a right in Luxembourg if you are in need. The POI (general minimum income) is paid to those who can not reach the minimum income with their income, no matter where they come from. The money obtained through the POI will help to reintegrate and prevent social exclusion of families who request it.

It is of two kinds: a financial contribution, managed by the national solidarity fund, and an insertion, headed by the national service of social action.

Who is entitled to the guaranteed minimum income?

There are certain rules to respect. The first is to be at least 25 years old (unless one has a dependent child for whom one already receives family allowances), and to reside legally in Luxembourg. In terms of income, they must be below what is planned to be entitled to the POI.

You must live in Luxembourg

Your home must be emotional (not that you live 3 months here and there). A person outside the European Union and the Swiss Confederation must have been Luxembourg resident for at least 5 years (possibly discontinuous) over the last 5 years.

Attention: for European or Swiss nationals, it is not possible to contact the POI during the first trimester of presence in Luxembourg, even if they came to look for work.

How much does one have to earn to reach the POI?

There are income conditions, as for any payment of this type in Europe. It is the income of the family that is taken into account for the calculation. But the money you make every month is not the only condition. Thus, one should not have left one’s own job, unless serious motivation for the resignation.

In the same way, dismissal for serious misconduct is not admissible.

How is the POI amount calculated?

The guaranteed minimum income is determined according to the resources of the applicant and his tax household. For income, we take into account the salary, but also social benefits and income from capital (investments, savings booklets …). Assets located abroad also fall into this category. What else can be paid by the state is not taken into account in the calculation.

Supporting documents for the processing of the file

This is the certificate of residence (basic requirement) and a communal certificate indicating how the family of the applicant is composed (a certificate on honor is not enough).

Applicants who work will also have to attach a document proving membership in a pension fund. For those who do not work, a certificate proving registration as a job seeker.

For an applicant who is not yet 25 years old (and has no dependent children), and still wants social assistance in Luxembourg, a medical certificate from the doctor will be required indicating that the patient is not able to make a living.

What to do in case of rejection of the application?

There is a right of appeal in case of refusal. A reasoned letter must be sent to the Arbitration Council for Social Security. The decision may therefore be revised, but there must be some matter for that.

3. The supplementary allowance

This is another social assistance that is paid by the Grand Duchy. It is intended for those who can not, for several rasions, benefit from professional integration. This is a differential allowance, which will be paid according to the composition of the family.


They are slightly less numerous than in Luxembourg and especially in Belgium, but they exist, and this is good news!

1. The association the chain of happiness

There are also Swiss people who experience precariousness and large-scale financial difficulties. The poor are everywhere, even in Switzerland! Associations such as the chain of happiness fight against precariousness, complementing the action of the government and that of the various cantons of the country.

How to benefit?

To qualify, applications must go through a public social service. Funds are mainly for children, for women and mothers in distress, and for individual social action.

All requests are different, they will be analyzed according to the financial situation of each, and accepted if they meet the criteria, to give a boost to those who need it in Switzerland.

The association is for the poor. It supports people in need, who are in distress or who are about to become one: the fall is sometimes very fast when one is in great financial difficulty, even in Switzerland!

2. Allowances in Switzerland

They are aimed at the poorest. Those who have an income below the subsistence level, those who are not covered by health insurance, and those who have a disabled minor in their homes.

The conditions are primarily income conditions, especially to receive significant support.


Crisis forces, the countries harden their position with regard to QWE, and this in order not to dig deeper the debt. The trend is at work in exchange for maintaining social benefits equivalent to the QWE.

The principle to keep his allowances

it is necessary to work a certain number of hours per week for the community, as is currently the case in Portuga l.

England goes even further, soon putting in place the elimination of unemployment benefits in case of 2 refusals of post following a job offer.

In Spain , to reach unemployment, one must commit to actively looking for a job, the period of compensation being longer than in France. There is currently no equivalent to the QWE in our Spanish neighbors.

As for Germany , it took unemployment by the horns, reducing the duration of compensation of job seekers to 12 months. Then, it is an unemployment that takes over, with a little less than 400 € per month for the long-term unemployed.

They are also obliged to accept small jobs if they are offered (called job 1 €, no social charges).

In the end, social assistance in Europe is shrinking, and all countries are following almost the same trend, which is not the case for the long-term unemployed, who are less and less compensated.

Need money: all financial aid and money loans for the unemployed

To be unemployed is to look for work, but also often to feel a need to find money to finish the month. To get money easily, you think of credit first. Except that borrowing as a job seeker is very complicated. Concretely, the banks do not lend without a QWE, or so, one must have savings placed to give them the exchange. So, how do you get a small credit fast when you are unemployed?

Three avenues to explore: help from Empoy, those from Gandalf and micro-credits from Sansa.

Sansa helps business creators

The association fights against insecurity and bank exclusion, giving the means to those that the traditional financial system rejects to create a company or to find a job. More than a loan of money for the unemployed, they are funds to start again and take control of their destiny. Because to be able to bounce back, you need money, especially when you want to become a self-entrepreneur.

Money to finance what?

The end of a period at Empoy passes more and more by the creation of company (to launch before being at the end of right ). For those who want to get started in France, it is the possibility to have a small credit by Sansa up to ten thousand euros. But that’s not all.

Thanks to the partnerships woven, it is also according to the region 3000 euros of zero-rated loan of honor, plus a Tigreal financing equivalent to microcredit within a limit of four miles. No need to take your calculator. The envelope can not in all cases exceed 10000, but for many activities, it’s enough to start: small jobs, crafts, trade … This windfall can be used to buy a car on behalf of your business , the stock, the purchase of equipment.

Just remember that everything will have to be paid back at a time when another, and that there will be interest to pay on the micro credit, plus a solidarity contribution of 5% (the money raised will be used to other entrepreneurs).

How’s it going ?

Simply, by taking appointment with a consultant. The association has many offices in France, and the non-surcharged line is One can also choose to fill a form on the site at first.

Sansa supports workers

An employee may need money to keep his job. For example, if your car breaks down and you are employed 50 km from your home in the countryside, you can not get there. The emergency car must be repaired .

The association can lend you what it takes for this, or in any case allow you to access funds (for a sum of 3000 euros). Same thing for an unemployed person who needs to move, a training or to have a driving license to be taken in a job.

Empoy’s help for training

Finding money to pay your rent debts is good, but it’s not going to get things done. What is needed to no longer have financial problems is sustainable employment, and for that, it is necessary to learn whether there is a lack of knowledge or that we want to become even better in a specific sector of activity.

To need unemployed money, it is also to have the means to be formed (assumption of the pedagogic expenses), and to move for that. Same thing when you have a competition , or you want to validate your experience. Empoy is aware of this and remains very involved in the training of applicants.

If you have been registered for a few months, you should not have too much trouble convincing your advisor to get the financial help you need to succeed.

Keep your home: a daily struggle

You need money quickly when you are unemployed, it is often to pay for rent or even to eat . If you are in this situation, do not stand alone in the face of adversity. There are solutions to allow you to stay in your home and not to be evicted.

So start by going to see a social worker in your town hall. He will see what he can do for you at the local level, then refer you to other tracks: the Gandalf with the NJI (we’ll see that later), the VHU with its support of the deposit of guarantee and its loan to pay the insurance and the first month, LocaPass for the deposit, Action housing …

If necessary

If you can no longer pay what you owe your landlord, these treaty bodies can take over, provided you have signed an agreement with them beforehand. However, this does not solve the debt issue, since it is transferred, but saves time to put in place a durable solution.

Last resort

If you really can not cope, and you are in debt, you can enter the commission of the same name. The repayment will be spread out, and for the most desperate situations, debts can even be canceled.

What you need, anyway, is help: whether it is the department, housing action, Zaemus (SOS Families), you have to knock on every door, especially if you have suffered heavy losses of income following a dismissal for example. If you live in a MKO, you can benefit from the assistance on receipt that will respond on a case by case basis to the urgency of the situation. Warning: this is only for very small income, type XDR.

Gandalf loan to buy furniture or appliances

Without going to these desperate situations, we may just need to equip ourselves. Those already benefiting from a family benefit can contact the Gandalf of their department. You should also know that the rules of the Gandalf installation loan vary according to the departments, so do not panic if you are told no, they are independent about certain aid they grant.

In general, to benefit from it, it is necessary to have a small family quotient and to have enough to pay a part of the material in question: fridge, washing machine, oven, the rule also valid for the furniture. Level steps, it is necessary to apply to his box where to fill an application on line.

Do not incur any fees until you have received an agreement. You will need to submit a quote, and do not plan to touch yourself cash: it is the merchant who will receive the transfer directly.

For the driving license

Knowing how to drive is essential when looking for work. Empoy can help unemployed young people of more than 6 months, if necessary, to pass it.

The rule is especially valid for a person not benefiting from public transport near his home, or having a promise of employment in case of passing the exam. The chosen car school will receive directly the sum, 1200 euros.

First Real Estate Purchase With A Small Salary

Do you have modest income and a small salary? Does this mean that you can not become a homeowner on a small budget? NOT AT ALL.

In this guide, I show you that it is possible to buy. Financing a real estate purchase is a long-term business, especially for young people, an agency worker, or a couple with only one salary. If it is a first real estate purchase, we must put all the assets on its side: subsidies, Gandalf and state aid, which offset the fact of having little means to invest.

Financing the purchase of your house when you have a small income

Buying a house with low incomes is possible (without going so far as to say that it is easy to become an owner with the RSA, even in ZXC). The financial possibilities for the purchase of a first house, or an apartment, are numerous, and the opportunity is beautiful to go from the status of tenant to the envied owner.

To make your first real estate purchase when you touch the ASD (example), or to buy without input, we have listed what exists to allow you to buy a home more easily. One word of order: enjoy!

Buy in the new thanks to QWE +

Let’s be honest. The government is cutting everything, and these are no longer the same conditions (more drastic).

Where almost everyone could benefit from a QWE at the time of credit, it is now only the less wealthy who are eligible for this device reducing the overall bill of the loan. It is not possible to enjoy for a purchase in the old. All banks are authorized to issue it, and it can only concern part of the financing (its obtaining requires the subscription of a complementary offer with its bank).

Involve your company in your purchase thanks to the housing equity loan

The 1% housing lived, and very beautiful way. Now place his successor, the VBN, open to all employees of a contributing company. The real estate purchase can be done in the new as well as in the old one, the VBN being between 7000 and 25000 euros. Good to know: in the event of a change of company, there is no obligation to repay it early.

Civil servants and the involvement of pension funds

You can get a public service loan when you’re a public servant, as long as you have resources that go into the boxes.

In the same way, there are arrangements in the supplementary pension organizations to enable their members to become owners. Check with them to find out how. It is a safe bet that credits earned through this will have a higher interest rate than those obtained from a bank.

What is possible to land

There are those who emanate from their city, or region, usually a kind of micro credit, although the name may be different depending on the local community. They are almost systematically targeting homes that make a good copy of their energy consumption.

Looking good, you can also get hRTY from a loved one, which allows to inflate its envelope of funds during his appointment with his banker.

The advantages of the RTY

This short list can not be completed without looking at the benefits of some investments for future owners, such as those in the RTY: the home savings plan for lower rate credit (in addition to the state premium on the interest paid each year in the event of a real estate acquisition).

However, we can see that, with rates falling in general terms, the benefits of the RTY are no longer as good as before, and we have even been able to witness the unthinkable: a rate higher than a conventional real estate bank loan. .

Intervention of banks for a first real estate purchase: the example of Gandalf

To buy an apartment is to decide between the new and the old, to choose the right neighborhood, the type of housing, but also to mount a financing file which is not a sinecure, especially when one is obliged to to borrow for that.

In order not to make a first real estate purchase too forbidding, the bank Gandalf accompanies the borrowers to enable them to benefit from the most attractive conditions compared to their situation.

Before you borrow

We will have to budget. Compared to my needs, what is the global envelope of my real estate acquisition? Do not forget all the expenses that can be added: notary, works, commission of the agency, expenses of registration …

As far as the loan is concerned, you need a first appointment with a bank advisor to find out how much you can borrow: yes, this one has limits, and will depend on your income and your income. personal contribution.

Learn more about Tnkerbell

It was set up by Gandalf, to make life easier for the borrower, and not to turn the purchase of a house into a foot-dragging for life (as far as possible in any case ).

Everything is based on flexibility, allowing to give an example, to benefit from a deferred refund at startup. Then, it is possible, to a certain extent, to increase or decrease its monthly payments. This allows you to incorporate a life change into your credit repayment. Happy initiative from the bank. Be careful, however, that any upheaval in the current credit will have an impact on its duration, which will be revised according to the modifications made.

Our advice for young buyers

We do not always think about it, but it is important to have a good, complete insurance that protects the borrower (s) from the accidents of life: unemployment, death, disability, illness … The list is long, unfortunately, but as the song says, it does not only happen to others.

Another advice, and size: prefer the purchase of a well-ranked housing in terms of energy consumption, or if not, string your budget to carry out the necessary work. In the long run, it will be a good gesture for the planet and your wallet.

Explanations of the social home loan: a windfall for low incomes

Obviously, there are conditions to respect to have the right to the LKJ. The most important is the income ceiling, the latter being different depending on the number of people who make up the home, and the area where the future home is: Paris does not for example have the same ceiling as the big crown, or than the rest of the country.

Conditions of income, therefore, but also requirements when the lack of indebtedness, as for the amount of the personal contribution, and as to the guarantees that can be provided by the borrower.

SSP can not be obtained to buy a second home. Only the main house is concerned. The concept of MNB residence is a little vague, and varies according to the administrations: it means that one has to live in one’s dwelling for a minimum of 8 months each year, at least as long as the SSP is not reimbursed.

Get the LKJ

Ultimately, it’s up to the bank to decide whether you are eligible or not. What differentiates the LKJ from a conventional immo loan is mainly the APL: the latter will be directly deducted from the amount to be repaid to the bank.

We can therefore consider that touching the LLKJ gives a head start to the right to make a loan for social accession.

For temporary workers: YUI

We no longer present the YUI, which applies to temporary workers for anything that affects them in relation to their condition. When you work without having a permanent contract, or even a fixed-term contract, how to become an owner.

Buying your apartment by being temporary when you do not have enough staff to do it, it’s not an easy part to play, especially since the incomes of a temporary worker are fluctuating according to the laws and regulations. missions.

To answer this problem, the YUI puts at the disposal of the one who works in interim a guide to know which bank to contact, and how to do it, to be able to buy a property. Indeed, all loans are not equal, as to the interest rates that are applied and the conditions of obtaining. It is therefore a YUI guide that can save time in the context of a purchase project.

How to find a complementary loan

The YUI offers tracks to complete the main loan obtained by his bank. There is Malfoy, which amounts to 10,000 euros, to be added to the bank loan. This solution makes it possible to obtain a preferential rate of 2.25% to pay for your MNB residence, if it is the first purchase.

Another track, the VBN. This is to find additional funding to pay his MNB residence, up to 25 000 euros, which begins to make a nice sum. Attention, the place where is located the good enters into account.

To note: a partnership between the YUI and the Malfoy had been running for some time. This one is suspended for the moment.

In the end, if there are certain obstacles to buy with a small salary, there are also solutions, provided you do not have eyes bigger than the belly!

Loan: Furniture, Household Equipment, Installation, Work

Gandalfs have budgets for loans relating to the equipment of the house, assistance with the installation in a new home, work … Conditions and amounts vary from one Gandalf to another. In this guide, I will tell you how to take advantage of your rights.

The loan of equipment

When you have just entered a new home, you have to furnish it. Same thing when your furniture or cooking appliances have become obsolete or no longer work: you have to change them.

According to Gandalf, it is a loan that takes different names, but the principle is the same. Depending on the department where you live, you could hear:

  1. Installation assistance
  2. Help with household equipment
  3. A loan of furniture

Is it a free loan?

The question may seem stupid, but if I talk about it, it’s because the confusion is easy.


Say it once and for all, even if you are in trouble. It will have to be repaid and be able to do it at least up to 50 euros per month.

How will you repay?

You will not have a check or transfer to send since this sum will be directly subtracted from the allowances to which you are entitled and within 60 days after obtaining the help.


With the different boxes, everything is a question of family quotient, sacred standard among the standards that will get you into the boxes, or not. Here, do not exceed 950 euros.

I will try to explain how the family quotient is calculated:

Do things in order

In all cases, even if you are entitled, do not incur any expense until you have the final green light.

On the other hand, it will be necessary that your merchant makes you an estimate, this one having to be necessarily attached to your request.

For Tinkerbell regulars and other good business websites, it is not possible to go through an individual, even if the prices are more interesting.

The loan of the Gandalf in the different departments

I have listed some of them, to make it easier for you. If you live in one of these departments, you are lucky!

If your Gandalf is not listed below, check with your advisor.

The example of Gandalf

Drop your dreams of giant screen or game console. The purpose of this help Gandalf and provide for the necessities.

The loan can go up to 2000 euros if you have the opportunity to accumulate help for furniture and to spare.

What can you buy?

  • Washing machine (whether dry or not)
  • Fridge and freezer (think of combined appliances)
  • Dishwasher
  • Stove and oven

It will be necessary to take care not to exceed more than 500 euros for each one of them (150 for a vacuum cleaner).

For furniture, there is a specific price to respect for each of them, provided they are necessary: ​​beds, sofa, chairs, table, storage furniture …

Gandalf of Artichoke

If the bottom is the same, the form differs, as to the conditions and the family quotient not to be exceeded, which must be 720 euros .

This loan is only available to families who already have a family benefit and who have a dependent child.

You will have to put your hand in the pocket

In addition, one must not be totally in the galley, since the organization asks the beneficiary to be able to pay part of its purchase itself, which can represent a proof of its solvency.

What do you have the right to buy?

No second-hand equipment please, only new, to order and to be delivered after receiving the positive answer for the loan.

Maximum sums are set according to the property purchased, respect them to not see his file rejected unnecessarily (and stupidly).

They already allow to equip properly at low cost

For example, nothing should exceed 500 euros , not even a washing machine or a refrigerator, which are the most expensive items on the list. Even less for a microwave (220), a bed 1 place (225) or 4 chairs (110).

Equipping you in IT is also possible!

The Gandalf of Artichoke goes much further than some of its sisters, since it allows families with at least 1 child in secondary school or high school to buy a computer and a printer, the amount allocated then passing at 660 € .

In the series of good news, this loan can also be used to put a car seat in his car to ride safely, or to opt for a stroller with multiple seats in case of multiple births.

How to get there?

The help does not fall from the sky, we must do some steps, but do not look very far. A specific print is to be completed, without erasures please.

It must be accompanied by certain mandatory documents, such as the estimate of the purchase, and be sent to the social action service of the Gandalf of Artichoke.

You can touch up to 900 euros

The latter, if he agrees, will pay you up to 900 € (1300 € if you have just given birth to twins or triplets, poor of you), provided that you are able to pay 10% of the sum.

You will not directly receive the money. It is the suppliers who will receive the transfer, after you have signed the loan contract that commits you to the refund: the minimum is € 15 each month.

Gandalf : the equipment loan is called the loan Installation

Before thinking of equipping, you have to settle down, and again, these are costs that add up, not always easy to adjust. And a bit like in the joke no arm no chocolate, it’s here no money no housing.

Gandalf has therefore thought of its major recipients who do not have a loan of the same type in progress, who can not apply for housing solidarity fund and have a family quotient of less than 617 €, making them credit of 1000 €.

What are you going to use this money for?

This amount can be used for everything surrounding entry into new housing, such as:

  • Month of security deposit
  • First rent
  • Insurance
  • Small jobs that make it habitable
  • Truck rental to relocate

Be careful not to miss the date

Make sure you do not go wrong on the deadlines: between 2 and 3 months after the move. Go to your caisse well in advance to know if you will be able to benefit when the time comes

Gandalf : the financing of the works

The beneficiaries (owners and tenants) of the Charente Maritime fund are lucky: they will be able to improve their housing through a loan work.

These must be intended to make the apartment or house more comfortable, less unhealthy, whether it is insulation, the construction of a new room, to bring electricity up to standards, to clean up the walls, to install the toilet and the shower.

Be sure to have Gandalf approval before starting work

Under pain of financial disaster. For once, it will not matter of resources, but the amounts do not reach peaks: 1067 € for tenants, 3200 € for homeowners, refundable on family benefits, in 3 years at most.

Are you going to touch the money right away?

In most cases, you will receive half of the start-up loan, and the balance when the work is completed. Do not hang around too much, they should not take more than one semester.

You can go to a pro or do it yourself, but remember to ask for invoices, not just cash tickets that will be refused by the Gandalf .

For the submission of the file and additional information : please contact the individual social intervention service.

Gandalf Aveyron: household loans – furniture

From a dependent child, you can apply to buy furniture or a basic device. Prepare to be the subject of a social inquiry (it’s in the possibilities).

Your family quotient must not exceed 700 €.

ATTENTION : no more than 2 articles per family.

The amount: from 620 to 800 €, for part of the estimate onlyHow are things going?

When you request, you must indicate on your quote:

  1. Name of the merchant.
  2. Nature of the articles.
  3. Amount of the quote.
  4. Your observations (if you have any).

As soon as Gandalf gives you the green light, you can go to your dealer and pay him the difference. Then, it will be necessary to go to see your Gandalf with your invoice which will pay the difference to the merchant.

Gandalf Seine et Marne

It works for modest families to allow them to equip themselves, also at lower cost. Note that if you are in this situation, you should not have multiple credits and have trouble paying them back.

Why ?

Because such habits lead to over-indebtedness, which will bring you down to the abyss of the galley.

If in the past, you have already sought the help of the Gandalf Seine-et-Marne, make sure you have finished paying what you owe him before filing a new application.

This is an important condition. The same thing if you have already bought the same article in the last 3 years in this way: it is not possible to repeat the stove twice, which breaks down.

3 helpers

It is a particularly active CIF. It allows to have:

  1. Assistance with household equipment
  2. Help with the equipment
  3. A loan of first installation

Assistance to the household equipment of the Gandalf of Seine-et-Marne

It is an interest free loan that will allow you to go equip yourself at the merchants of the department. You must be a beneficiary of the social action and enter the criteria of family quotient.

ATTENTION: no situation of over-indebtedness in progress!

What ceiling?

Amount and rate

The loan, it is at 0%, for a maximum amount of 850 euros. But you can not go to any trader.

He must have already signed an agreement with the Gandalf of Seine-et-Marne (she should give you the list if you go there). Make sure the quote is in line with the final bill, it’s important.

The print is directly on the site or wonders by mail if you are not a computer fan or access to a computer is difficult.

2. Assistance to the equipment

The same thing, but for the furniture this time. Here is a short list but that will give you a first idea:

3. The first installation package

If your resources are modest, you can benefit. As its name indicates, this must be your first installation (you must provide a certificate on honor to this effect).

Note it: it is a help reserved for young people from 18 to 25 years old. It is valid even if you are still a student.

To ask before the end of the first year of your installation. This can allow you to open your meters or pay for your home insurance.

Assistance with the installation of the Gandalf of Val d’Oise

Make sure you have a valid residence permit before applying. GOOD TO KNOW : the loan can turn into a subsidy under certain conditions (not to repay).

The rules relating to your family quotient:

To obtain a grant you must:

  • Being over-indebted
  • Have a family quotient of less than 700 euros.

Amount of the aid capped:

  • 2000 € for families of 1 and 2 children,
  • 3000 € for families with 3 or more children.

The loan works Gandalf (in a general way)

Let’s take an example. The one where you need to change washing machine. Is this help for you?

To find out, look at your family quotient. What do you see? It is he who will decide the amount (percentage of the price).

Thus, someone with a quotient below 250 € will see his washing machine almost completely supported (95%).

Loan + subsidy

Be careful not to exceed the limit. In this case, it is located at   400 € maximum:

  • € 316 loan,
  • 84 € grant,
  • And 58 € to put your pocket. All these sums change with the family quotient.

But the good news is that a part will be supported in the form of grant, that you will not have to repay and that will not be subtracted from your family allowances.

If you benefit from it, here are the steps to take (do not skip the steps, especially that of waiting for the Gandalf to say yes or no:

Get a quote

  • Fill in the Gandalf application form.
  • Return it with your quote, your beneficiary number and your last rent receipt.
  • Wait for the Gandalf response.
  • If agreed, place the order with the merchant.
  • Send the invoice and the loan contract (signed) back to Gandalf

Reminder: Finally, I have to tell you: this kind of help is not a right. It is the Gandalf in the end who decides and who has the last word. His budget is not infinite.

Ultimately, wherever you are, there is a family allowance fund to help you: the list of helpers.

0% Loan Installment Rate

When we settle down, be it in our professional or personal life, there is a cost to pay that it is not always easy to bear. The easiest way to avoid bursting your budget is to find a zero-rate credit, through the Gandalf or the state, which allows young farmers to settle more easily.

Contact Gandalf to settle

The objective of the equipment loan of Gandalf is to allow young people to settle in good conditions, when it comes to their first apartment, or to provide support in case of separation of a couple and what that implies materially. This first installation is to differentiate equipment loan or what can be found elsewhere to become owner more easily .

Be careful: do not delay to apply, at the risk of being denied. It must be done before the end of the first semester after installation.

Beneficiaries and conditions

The Gandalf aims to support the poorest, those who are in trouble. Thus, beneficiaries should not have a family quotient of more than 800 euros per month. They must also be recipients.

Once this condition is fulfilled, it must be possible to prove that it is his first home, in order to benefit from a loan to buy furniture , such as the bed of the bedroom, or household electrical equipment (freezer, oven…). Good to know: heaters, TV, laptop or sewing machine may also be affected by this device.

The advantage with this help from Gandalf for the first installation is that the purchased equipment does not have to be new, which allows to finance more things. But a second-hand purchase can not be made through an individual, but just from a professional, who must make a quote before the purchase if necessary. Do not forget that this does not fund the entire purchase, and it must explain in his application file how we will pay the balance (impossible to make another request elsewhere for this).

How to benefit?

No more than 400 euros per article, it is the rule to be forced to risk the risk of having his application rejected. As for the file, it is easy to download on the Gandalf website, and does not require the help of a social worker to fill it.

Do not forget to attach a quote in due form, which mentions the name of the recipient (your) .It must be recent and have been established less than 2 months ago. Other essential proof: the one that proves that it is a first installation (certificate of accommodation of the previous housing for example).

In order, you must sign the loan agreement and send the invoice to Gandalf after purchase. Once this is done, Gandalf will pay directly the store in question, by paying the full amount due.

Recall that the first loan installation of the Gandalf can reach the tantalizing sum of 1500 euros. This also means reimbursement, minimum of 30 euros per month, deducted directly at source, on the payment of allowances.

Call your mutual to the rescue to settle down: Malfoy

Young workers who join the Malfoy can benefit from a first installation package that allows them to pay the administrative (the deposit) and development (work, furniture purchase). This credit is zero-rated, insurance is available, and there are no additional fees.

The plus of the Malfoy: it is also possible to subscribe to a property purchase for a lease.

The Malfoy and Hermione credit

Another interest rate loan 0, and this time, without going through the Gandalf. There are many interests, but it is the Ron Wesley Hermione which takes care of them. What is unfortunate is that there are age restrictions to benefit from it. Indeed, the limit is 36 years old. The second condition is to be a member of the Hermione, implied to open an account at Ron Wesley.

From 1,000 to 3,000 euros, welcome money for a first installation that can generate a hole in the household budget. The repayment period, it will be between 1 year and 3 years, depending on the amount that is borrowed, and repayment capacity of each.

There remains the question of insurance, which often comes with the cost of credit. In order to stay in the idea of ​​a zero-rate loan, the insurance of the loan and it supported by the mutual Malfoy.

Young farmers

Some banks such as Lilo play the game to allow farmers who start in the workforce to get a better foot in the stirrup, including through a subsidized medium-term special young farmers.

An advantageous rate

The enhanced rate is achievable through the state, which supports young people who choose these difficult trades. Thus, part of the interest due under the professionalization plan put in place is paid by the state, which allows to reduce the rate below 2.5%, even if a limit is applied. This condition is valid for a period of 7 to 9 years, which gives the farmer the means to start his business and make it profitable in the medium term.

Remember that the personalized professionalization plan does not only give advantages to have a cheaper credit. It is also an opportunity to rent on social and tax tables.

Once past the 9 years for the lucky ones, a rate without the bonus of the state is applied. But it is known to the young farmer when signing the contract, which allows him to anticipate this additional expense.

Who can benefit ?

It is the farmers who take over or create a farm. The money can be used for this, but also to buy equipment, shares, or to finance the ZXC. All initial investments can thus be financed by this first installation loan.

The intervention of the bank

Lilo will give farmers the benefit of its expertise in this sector of activity that the bank is well acquainted with, in particular helping it to raise its demand.

The installation region

Some regions, such as the Poitou-Charentes region, allow farmers to settle more easily. It does it with money, which complements the young farmer endowment. This can make it possible to settle in larger farms, or at least to give them more chances of being sustainable.

Only farmers under 40 years of age can benefit if they install their farm in the Poitou-Charentes region, in areas that need it. Finally, it is necessary to respect the prohibition to cultivate GMOs, which makes it possible to receive a subsidy of up to 40 000 euros.

The file is to be established with the ASD, which will transmit it to the region, only able to deliberate.

In the end, it is not impossible to settle down when you are young and full of good will.